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At our core, we’re artists and the natural beauty of fine woods is our medium. The one-of-a-kind boards in this category have been assembled from the smaller pieces of woods we have left over at the end of the week (it’s hard to call them “scraps” just because they’re small) . Available in either a light or dark blend, engraving on one side is included with your purchase.

  • Unique cutting board of figured maple and walnut

    Unique Veggie Boards

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  • Figured maple unique daily cutting board with mahogany and walnut accelts

    Unique Daily Boards

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  • walnut and cherry cheese cutting board

    Unique Cheese Boards

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  • Unique bread boards made of different woods

    Unique Breadboards

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  • mixed dark wood end grain small butcher blocks

    End Grain Cheese Board, darker blend

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  • small endgrain butcher blocks in light colored woods

    End Grain Cheese Board, lighter blend

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  • hardwood serving boards with handles

    Serving Board with Handles

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