Custom Branded Corporate Gifts

Corporate Branded Cutting Boards

At Hardenbrook Hardwoods we believe that custom branded corporate gifts are a great way to express appreciation for your employees or clients. Whether you’re hosting a company holiday party or promoting your business, a branded, personalized cutting board is the perfect gift.

What makes this custom branded corporate gift superior to others is how often a client or employee looks at or uses the custom cutting board and remembers who was thoughtful enough to give it to them. Hardenbrook Hardwoods’ corporate branded cutting boards are a conversational piece when displayed at home. Our quality engraved cutting boards create a lasting impression that recipients will appreciate for years to come. A personalized wood cutting board gift is something that is a kitchen essential and is used often for preparing snacks and meals. Every time they use it, there will be a subtle reminder of who gifted them this lovely tool.

Custom branded cutting board for corporate gifts

Mass-produced cutting boards can’t compete with our handmade custom branded corporate gifts made in the USA with acute attention to detail. We suggest engraving your logo or custom design on one side; that way, the other side is ready to be used for food preparation. You can choose from a range of woods and cutting board styles. Hardenbrook Hardwoods offers chef’s boards, butcher blocks, carving boards, small cutting boards, and unique wood boards for you to choose from.

Corporate branded cutting boards are a functional and meaningful gift that your employees and clients will appreciate for years to come. We have worked with many companies to create unique custom branded corporate gifts. We have created a convenient account dashboard for you to use to see and edit past designs, add funds, and place a new order. Engraved cutting boards from Hardenbrook Hardwoods will serve as a professional reminder that your employees and clients will keep for years to come. Shop our selection online today or contact us for bulk order details or check out the FAQs page.