Granite counters are gorgeous but, an entire kitchen of stone surfaces can feel cold and well, hard. Including a section of hardwood countertops or a warm, hardwood island top to your kitchen will transform the space into a warm and friendly gathering place. It’s a simple way to energize the warm and friendly focal point of your home.

We’re located in the beautiful high desert of Central Oregon and most of the woods we use are not found locally. Because most of our lumber comes from wetter climates it needs to acclimate to our lower humidity.  Only then can we begin transforming it into a hardwood island top or countertop for your home. Allowing the lumber to acclimate results in a finished top that will remain flat and happy for years to come!

We’ll help you to decide if you’d like a “working” top (one that you’ll be cutting directly on) or a non-working top. We’re also happy to work with your designer or contractor to be sure you receive the top best suited for your lifestyle and needs. Please allow a minimum of one month for construction and finishing

Click on the image below to see photos of some tops we’ve done!

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